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The Most Accurate Measurement Possible

Snow can be very heavy for buildings, especially when wet and consistent throughout the winter season. That’s why Safe Roof Systems offers highly reliable DMD sensor installation so you can prevent roof collapses or accidents. It’s incredibly dangerous to allow heavy piles of snow to accumulate on your roof; the cold temperature can make the material brittle and, therefore, easier to break and slide off under extreme weight. Leave it up to our team to help keep you safe with this highly reliable device! You’ll be able to call our team to clear the snow right after large snowstorms.

The DMD optical alarm system is the most accurate way to measure roof deflection. We can walk you through how the mechanism works so you can get notified to call for snow removal. Your building is a significant investment, so keeping it protected is vital not only for the property itself but for the people using the facility. Don’t take your chances and take matters into your own hands when the monster snowstorm blows in out of the blue.

This structural building monitor will give you the peace of mind you need to focus on your business, knowing you have a reliable team and device on your side. Contact us today to learn more about our snow clearing services.

DMD system advantages

Roof System
  • Tasked sensors
  • Directly measure deflection
  • All operating environments
  • Divide roof by column lines
  • Hardwired to CPU
  • Easily scaled to needs
  • Connects to local BMS
  • Flexible system architecture
  • Email notifications
  • On-line status reports
  • Directs action where needed

  Real-time notification  

  • How the roof reacts to
    • Accumulating snow
    • Ice Dams
    • Ponding water
  • 24/7/365 automatic awareness
    • Considered a “reference standard” measurement
  • Accounts for effects from age or deterioration
Roof Deflection

 System features

  • Central control panel
    • Multi-function LCD    
    • Output for 3rd party monitoring
    • Event memory
    • Online connectivity
    • On-board battery back-up    
  • Sensors
    • Covers large rooftop areas easily
    • Built to suit unique site requirements
    • Durable enclosure    

Central Control Panel

Work efficiently and control costs

  Divide the roof area into manageable sections   

  • Segregate rising walls & drift areas
  • Divide large & open field areas into individual sections
Show in the Roof

  Initiate an action plan quickly and effectively  

  • Email notifications to your handheld devices
  • Prioritize snow removal efforts

Candidates for Deflection Monitoring

Deflection Monitoring
  • Prefabricated buildings
  • Renewable energy installations
  • 20+ year steel roofs
  • Schools and other public buildings
  • Historic buildings
  • Anywhere there is a concern for safety